Essay Critiques

Guided practice is a key to success on any bar examination.

Essay Audio Critiques

You send me a practice exam in Word or PDF format. I review your paper line-by-line and record an audio commentary about your work. In this recording I also answer any questions you might pose to me in your cover note with the exam. Five essay critiques cost $250. Twenty-five essay critiques cost $995. (A Performance test counts as two essays.)

You can sign up at the above links, or I can send you an electronic or a paper invoice.

This YouTube video playlist contains seven examples of “real world” audio critiques. You can skip around the recordings by clicking the upper-left corner of the player. Listening to this material will give you a fine idea of what it is like to work with me. Some of the recordings contain comments on multiple practice exams. I offer ideas about organization, style, law and analysis. On occasion I answer questions posed to me by the student at the time he or she submitted the exam I’m reviewing.

Some of my tutorial students don’t want audio critiques. They prefer to discuss their practice exams in live Skype or phone conferences.