Master Essay: Remedies

Remedies may be the central subject on the bar examination, because it is fair game in any question with civil litigants. I suggest you spend 10-20 minutes outlining your answer and the rest of the hour writing our our answer. When you review each of your answers, keep track of your mistakes. Issue spotting is an art and it takes practice. The good news is that the key issues in every subject are tested in fairly common ways.

When you make a legal error, it is useful to note it on the Micro Review outline. Keep in mind that annotating an outline with your legal errors is extremely useful. It is “active learning” that reinforces new knowledge. The idea is to waste as little time as possible on reviewing stuff you don’t know. Instead you want to learn new material and place it in the proper context.

Here are the fact patterns and issue outlines – and one model answer – for our Master Essay Method Remedies Seminar. (My private tutorial students get all the full model answers.)

Here is the video seminar with  the essay approach and a discussion of each of the fact patterns. Remember that if you click on the playlist button in the upper-left corner you can skip around within the seminar. If you want some personal coaching on the bar exam, tutorial services are available.



Here is a list of the videos that make up the seminar:

  1. Remedies Approach
  2. Remedies, July 2008
  3. Contracts-Remedies, July 2007
  4. Remedies, July 2005
  5. Remedies, July 2003
  6. Remedies, February 2001
  7. Remedies, July 2000
  8. Torts-Remedies, February 2000
  9. Contracts-Remedies, February 1999
  10. Remedies, February 1998
  11. Remedies, February 1997
  12. Remedies, July 1995
  13. Corporations-Remedies, February 1988
  14. Remedies, February 1988