This website has been serving the legal community for more than 25 years. It is older than many current law students!

These webpages include dozens of free bar exam seminars! 

Black Letter LawThe Pearce Micro Review is designed to give you a framework upon which to build and sharpen your black letter law knowledge through practice. Outlines and dozens of hypothetical essays are included, with over 20 hours of video.

Essay WritingThe Master Essay Method emphasizes issue spotting and organization, the two most important skills needed to write passing answers to bar exam essay questions. It emphasizes analysis over boilerplate. More than 140 practice essays are included, all with issue outlines and over 24 hours of video explanations.

The Multistate Bar ExamThe Master MBE Method covers the Multistate Bar Examination. It is based on released questions, with roughly 20 hours of video.


If you are a bar exam candidate or a law student who is looking for a logical, consistent approach to issue spotting and legal analysis, you’ve come to the right place. There are no gimmicks or shortcuts. If you want to be successful on the bar exam, you need to know more than the black letter law. You need to understand how the material is tested. Practice is central to success.

If you are a person who is interested in the law, the materials published here can serve as a detailed introduction into the topics that legal education is built around. The reasoning and writing skills we work on in law school are useful in any field. All of them require study and practice. You can learn a great deal about the law from the content here at passthebar.com, without spending three or four years and a king’s ransom in borrowed money for a legal education.

The most common mistake is to not practice enough!

This is the primary lesson I have to offer you, based on decades of experience working with students on the bar examination. The best way to prepare for the bar exam, and indeed the best way to learn the law, is through a program of guided study and practice.